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Kalencody Co., Ltd. Manufacture of Evening Bag
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Product Details
SP2-BW (02) : Small Cyrstal Pen (02)
Short Description
Crystal Ball Pen, Pen, Swarovski Crystal Pen, Crystal Pen.Ball Pen, Gift , Premium.

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Product Details :

Features & Specifications
There are three different sizes:
Small   : 8.5cm length (with chain)
Medium: 10cm length  (with chain) 
Big        : 11 cm length (without chain)

The pen is refillable.
All the Crystal stones from Swarvoski
The colour of crystals is adjustable for whole of our products.

Main Export Markets
Mid-East, Europe and USA

Delivery Lead-time
5-10 days for 100 pcs.

Payment Terms
30% of deposit.
The rest  must be transfered to our company account by T/T upon shipment.

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